Creative Projects

Rates: Logo, poster or Infographic £5. Merchandise design £8. Press packs £15.

Tits Upon Tyne

Short film of the second TUT event at the Cluny 2 by Laura Moscrop and Rachel Hedley. Featuring Founder and Event Manager, Natalie Greener.


All designs by myself aside from the logo (Mollie Casey).

Anti-Spiking Beer Mats Campaign (2020 – Present)

Based in Newcastle, we are reaching out to multiple bars and venues across the UK to join us in this campaign. Each beer mat has a hole punched in them to fit a straw, meaning they can be placed on top of drinks to prevent spiking. We already have a student union on board for a trial run and we are looking to work with more venues to expand this social enterprise further.

For this first batch, 50% of the profits will be donated to Breast Cancer Now and the other half will be reinvested into more beer mats. After the first trial batch, we will order more units and continue to donate 25% of further profits to Breast Cancer Now.

£80 Raised so far. (5p per beer mat)

Infographics and artwork by Natalie Greener

The Mess Society – designed with co-owner, Wesley Allmark.

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